How did you become a volunteer with your Madison House program?headshot5
I became a volunteer with Rookie Soccer because a few of my club soccer teammates were also volunteering with the program and it sounded like fun.
Why did you chose your program? What do you like about it?
I chose to volunteer with Rookie Soccer because I’ve spent the last two summers working at various soccer camps. I learned that I really enjoy being outside teaching others the sport I love, so why not work that into my life at school? Also, helping to coach soccer to 4-5 year olds kept me on my toes. So. Much. Energy. I liked that I never quite knew what I was in for each week.
Tell us your best, funniest, or most educational experience as a Madison House volunteer.
Is it sad that I get super excited when I’m offered an extra juice box from the post-practice snack? Otherwise, one of my best moments from volunteering has been leading the children through my favorite warm-up. We run around the field and I ask for animal names. If I call out “frog!”, we all jump around the field like frogs. They come up with all sorts of animals to imitate. The best suggestion was T-Rex. I pulled in my elbows and gave my best roar with the rest of them.
What is one thing you’d like readers to know about your program?
With apologies to Madison House’s other stellar programs: Rookie Soccer coaches the cutest children around. I didn’t know they made cleats that small.
Sara Diggs is a 4th Year English Major. She has volunteered with Madison House since Spring 2010, and was cast as a clown and rode on a unicycle honking a comically loud horn. It so happens that she is scared of clowns.
Madison House serves as the student volunteer center for University of Virginia students.

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