When did you graduate UVa and what was your major?

I graduated UVa in 2010 with a double major in Foreign Affairs and Spanish.


What program did you do at Madison House and what was your favorite part about volunteering there?

I was involved in three programs at Madison House during my time at UVa: Latino and Migrant Aid (3 years); Big Siblings (3 years); and Abundant Life (1 year). My favorite part about volunteering in these programs was the relationships I established with everyone around me – with persons I tutored, my little sibling, fellow volunteers, program directors and members of the greater Charlottesville community. It was fantastic meeting, working with and learning from all of these wonderful people. It felt like an extension of the warm and welcoming UVa community.


TellĀ us a bit about your decision to run a marathon!

I was in New York City for last year’s marathon and was literally “moved” by it. The thousands of runners, the exciting atmosphere, and the movement of it all – it was something I knew I had to be a part of the following year. If you’re not up for running the NYC marathon, I highly recommend coming to see it!


What advice would you give to a 1st year volunteer?

As a 1st year volunteer, I remember feeling limited to the grounds and was excited to venture further into Albemarle County to volunteer each week. The greater Charlottesville community has so much to offer. To a 1st year volunteer, I would say reach out to Charlottesville! I can’t emphasize how rewarding it was to connect with the people and places I worked with through Madison House. One of my most memorable moments as a volunteer was attending barbecues at the homes of the people we were tutoring, having good food and drinks in great company.


What is a super fun fact about yourself?

Following some late night grocery shopping, I once drove from Charlottesville to New York City at 2 a.m. with two friends upon spontaneously deciding that the apples at Harris Teeter weren’t big enough. We had a blast in the city for the day, and drove back that same night (with loads of caffeine!).

Madison House serves as the student volunteer center for University of Virginia students.

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