Being able to work, play, and raise a family in Charlottesville is a great way to live one’s life.  I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1975 as a member of the second class of women admitted to the college.  It was a terrific time in my life.  Although I was far too distracted by other opportunities at the University and did not volunteer at Madison House at that time, I jumped at the chance to serve on its Board last year.

Madison House is an extraordinary community asset.  I am now in my second year of service to the Board.  As an attorney who has practiced family law for decades in this community and as a mother of three children, who were fortunate enough to have been born and educated in Charlottesville, I have only recently learned how Madison House has touched me and my family’s lives over all of these years.  My children participated in a variety of team sports, including SOCA.  My husband and I remain indebted to the time the Madison House coaches served our children so well.  Some of my pro bono clients have had children who needed a Big Sis or a Big Brother.  Their lives were made better by Madison House volunteers.

Madison House remains a significant presence behind the scenes of so many organizations in Charlottesville.  I am pleased to be able to serve on the Board and assist in any way I can to assure that this organization continues to remain an important asset in our community.


Elizabeth P. Coughter 

Madison House serves as the student volunteer center for University of Virginia students.

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