How did you become a volunteer with your Madison House program?
I first heard about Madison House first year, and I knew that I wanted to work with a program involving kids. I started working with Cavs in the Classroom, but by second year, I knew that I wanted to work with younger kids as well. So now I do both!

Why did you chose your program? What do you like about it?
I chose my program to work because I love the spirit that younger kids have about life and learning. I have been at Chancellor Street daycare for two years now, and I love seeing the siblings of kids I worked with second year now entering the school. It is really amazing to see just how fast the kids grow and learn.

Tell us your best, funniest, or most educational experience as a Madison House volunteer.
There are so many funny experiences at Chancellor Street but my favorite happened this year. I was asking the kids what I should be for Halloween, and a shy girl says “Be an old person!” which then sparked a discussion about how old I truly am.

What is one thing you’d like readers to know about your program?
The daycare program is a great place to see kids learning the fundamentals such as manners, words, sharing etc. It is amazing to feel as though I am contributing to this important part of the kids lives.

Grace Garcea is a 4th Year Media Studies and Spanish major. She has volunteered with Madison House since 2010, and is deathly afraid of sharks. She refuses to go in the ocean.

Madison House serves as the student volunteer center for University of Virginia students.

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