Usually I wake up by 8 am and get my day going as early as possible.

In the past I’ve even volunteered at 9 am on Friday mornings just to ensure I didn’t waste my days away in bed. Yesterday, however, I awoke without an alarm… at 1 pm!

There were things I should have done and people I should have seen, but all I had time to do was eat some breakfast and make my way over to the elementary school.

I enjoyed the beginning of my day by helping with the last hour of theirs! In that groggy state of having slept too much and accomplished too little, I walked down the hallway and per usual, couldn’t help but smile at the brightness of it all.

Today we completed and unveiled the playground plans! I helped a few groups finish their projects and eagerly accepted their invitation to stay and watch their presentations. Each group showed their map, discussed the features, and received questions and comments from their classmates. First graders can be tough critics!

My favorite exchange is as follows (keep in mind, these are 1st graders):
Presenter: What’s your question?
Questioner: Yeah, you have a fireman’s pole, but no way to get to the top. How do you get up there?
Presenter: You climb.
Questioner: I’m not a good climber; I can’t get up to the top.
Presenter: You can try. I couldn’t ride a two wheeler, but then I tried and did my best.
Questioner: No, I can’t do that. I think you did it wrong.

Of course, the resultant teacher-led conversation revolved around the fact that no group did it wrong, each just had their own ideas. I struggled to contain my laughter.

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